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My debut novel.

Three years in the making, I am so excited to introduce you to Emma and her path to finding love.

Happy Reading! 

The Glass House

Built by Emma’s grandfather out of the boundless love 

he had for his wife, Rosie, and through his dedicated 

passion for architecture, The Glass House eventually

came to be a well-known beacon on Heceta Beach.

Its ultimate destiny was to become a

 home full of love, loss, and solace 

for generations to come. 


Emma meets Miles


It was truly love at first sight for these two. 

Passionate and in sync with each other,

 they feel instantly connected.

Yet, life sometimes has a way of changing things.


Izzy is Emma’s hometown friend.

She’s reactive & fiery.

She certainly regrets the day she ever 

introduced Emma to Miles. 

Her jealousy toward Emma pushes her to obsess 

about how to pull the couple apart.


Emma meets Maxwell


Family, baking, and love feed her passion for life

but she can never quite get Miles out of her heart.


Fabulous friends in the city and a new acquaintance

named Maxwell, help skyrocket Emma into a sweet career, 

but the Oregon Coast keeps calling her home.


Follow Emma’s journey from the majestic Pacific Northwest to 

New York City and back again, 

where she finds herself torn between 

two places and two hearts.

Will unexpected danger & jealousy 

make her believe loving someone 

could be too much?


The Glass House

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