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About Bountiful Bridge

Image of Bridgette Carey holding her fiction novel, The Glass House

Did I mention that I'm so glad you're here?


As I tell my kids, life is better when it's shared. So, it's my turn to share with you...


My name is Bridgette. I'm a working mom raising three lovely ladies from the Midwest. I love nothing more than to join a lively conversation around a table of delicious food, and great wine (a MUST!) to share in the bounty of life's adventures. 



No life is perfect but everyone has a story to share. It's what makes life full, even perhaps bountiful. Here you'll find stories about parenting, relationships, beauty secrets (or sometimes fails!), and a few recipes sprinkled in.


Oh, and be sure to check out my new book, The Glass House. 

There's always a lesson to be learned and an experience to treasure... life's bounty. And that's what I want to share with you. 

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