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The Mirror

When my children look at me, I wish for them to see what I do. A reflection full of love that illuminates the beauty, truth, amazingness and intelligence that God has given them. A gift. A light. A beacon of power that only life can give.

Life can be fucking hard.

We just finished watching the documentary about P!nk. Its called “All I Know So Far.” She is beyond awesome. She doesn’t mince words, doesn’t pretend to be anything that she isn’t. She is just her own truth. With that, she is beyond powerful. She is honest about motherhood, being a woman, and what it’s like to be human.

I teared up more than a few times, hoping that my girls were absorbing all that this documentary was saying. Truth be told, they probably were just focused on the flashy lights and her costumes during the concert scenes. Yet, I am hopeful enough that they saw more. In between the glitz of her concerts and powerful ballads, I hope they saw more. A mother trying to keep it all together. A woman striving to pursue her dreams. A wife being her best self and grateful for the support that her partner gives her. A CEO of many people that love her and would follow her around the world (which they did, pre-COVID). She owns the life she has been given. Takes no prisoners and strives to be the best woman she can be.

In one of her songs also called All I Know So Far, she speaks of her life experience. There is no roadmap, no magic wand, no miraculous book or podcast that will give us all the answers.

That’s the key. We are each given our own path. Our own journey to make of it what we will.

The trouble with that is that we get caught up in the mire of everything or everyone else. We think we should talk, walk, act, or think like everyone else. But. And this is a big but…what is the beauty in that? What is the beauty in following the masses? What is the drive to “be like everyone else”? What does that even mean?

I believe we are all a certain substance of our circumstances. That doesn’t mean we can excuse what we have been challenged with but rather, it’s what we choose to do with it.

I had to figure out a lot of things out for myself as I grew up. Hell, into my 30’s, I was so very naive about a lot of things. I try not to regret that now. I try to learn from it. Grow from it. Be a better person because of it.

You reap what you sow. You grow where you are planted. However sometimes, we are transplanted to a new place when we have outgrown the space that we are in.

P!nk, you inspire me. You always have and always will. The way that you lead your life, write your music, interact with your fans, and most importantly, how you stay true to yourself. You reflect your best, your worst, and everything in between. You are the mirror that we all wish we could see.

To my girls, stand in that mirror for as long as it takes for you to see the beauty, strength, resilience and uniqueness that only YOU can bring to this world.

See, that’s what I have found to be the secret. We reflect so much more than we will ever see. The question is - what do you want the world, and yourself, to see? It’s powerful. Take that power and grow with it.

Thanks for crossing this reflective bridge with me. Now, go stand at your mirror and see the amazingness that is within you.

Until next time -



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