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I’m obsessed with my F*R*I*E*N*D*S

It carries me through my day, makes me laugh, and is always there for me.

Everyone tends to have that one show that they can drop anything and watch. Or it's that one show that you can quote lines from to signify that you know the episode. I have even gone as far as to incorporate quotes from the show into my every day life. Could I be any more cheesy? Yes, yes, I can.

If you know, you know and yes, I am a self admitted Friends addict. I clean like Monica, shop like Rachael, and back in the day, could flirt like Joey. Now, I basically still clean like Monica, nerd out like Ross and try to find the humor in any situation like Chandler.

This show encapsulates the meaning of friends that become family. The people that you meet during different times of your life where they will see you through anything and you are willing to do the same.

Many an article has been written about the things that are unrelatable in the show such as how little time Ross spends with his child or how unrealistic it is to have an apartment as large and cheap as Monica's. I get it, Hollywood writers had their creative way with some things.

I want to focus on what is more realistic. As we make our way through our lives after college or during that first 'real' job, we find ourselves in new situations. We struggle to make it on our own at first. Some of us get fired (Joey) and some of us find our stride right away (Chandler). Are you the quirky friend or do you know who that is in your group (Phoebe)? It's pretty likely that we have that friend that either cancelled or ran out on their wedding (Rachael). Who's the organized one that has to have a place for everything (Monica)? Who's the one that always corrects someone else's language (Ross)?

Then there are the things that they all have done, as embarrassing as it may be. Hello, drunk. How are you?

A few of our friends have slept together and not made it. Some, lucky ducks, slept together and made it. Unexpected babies, job loss, hit it big and then lose it all or come from nothing and really make something of yourself, for yourself.

A lot of the things that we go through in life, we can attribute to our own self-determination and drive. Yet, can't we all take a good look around and see those friends that have stood behind us, picked us up when we fell, and loved us through anything, the good and the bad. That is what Friends means to me.

I am lucky to have these people in my real day-to-day life, so thank you, real life friends. At the end of the day, they will always "be there for me" and I for them.

Yet, on any given day, I can find my other F*R*I*E*N*D*S right where I left them - on my TV. They also live in my brain, make me giggle at serious situations (I can never not laugh at the word 'duty' in my head. I have Chandler to thank for that), or make me feel better about an embarrassing situation. They are my friends, relatable or unrelatable, on different levels.

I am proud to know them, proud to be them, and proud to be obsessed with them. So, if you see me on a street and want to make me smile, just look at me and say "How you doin’?”. I guarantee, you'll get a smile.

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