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  • Bridgette much MORE than a pretty face.

Have you seen this video from Dove and Shonda Rhimes?

Wow. That's what I thought when I watched it. These women are amazing! First, they are beyond beautiful. They are talented. They are strong. And they are killer dancers! I want to learn to dance like that. A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law compared my sister and I to the "Elaine" dance from Seinfeld! That's seems about right for me. 😂 I'll keep dancing though because I love it and that's all that matters.

But get this - I love beauty products, too. I love make-up. I love choosing my make-up look for the day, just like I select an outfit. However, make-up does not make you beautiful. It's the icing on the cake, if you will.

So, what does make you truly beautiful? You do. It's how you feel on the inside. Confident? Smart? Sexy? How do you feel in your own skin? That's what the world truly sees. Well, it's what they SHOULD see.

More often than not, we are so judgmental as a society. Social media does not help with this. We post a picture on a site and we aren't in control of what the world will say back. Exciting but sad at the same time. It's a toss of the coin. We can get the world's support or get their worst feedback. It's time we reverse the negative. Change the conversation and the mentality that beauty is truly more than what you see on the outside.

Have you ever met someone and automatically assumed that either you didn't like them or that you wouldn't have anything in common? We all do it at times, let's be honest. But then perhaps you took the time to get to know them and you realized that this person was pretty cool, awesome or...beautiful. You looked passed the initial reaction, crossed the judgment bridge and realized that you may have been wrong or rash in your initial opinion. I've done this and honestly, one or two of these people have become some of my closest friends.

The wish I have for my girls is that they see themselves for their beauty - inside and out and that they learn to look beyond what they initially see in others. And this mini-movie from Dove totally nails it. Cathleen - you ROCK! I can't wait to share this video with my girls and show them this example of what beauty truly is.


We need to start defining what beauty is for ourselves. And I think the definition of that beauty is you.

- Cathleen


In the future, I plan to post about my favorite beauty products because I love that stuff. But this - this is what beauty truly is.



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