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The Path to Comfort

It seems that we all are in need of comfort these days but it raises a key question: What does comfort mean to you? A good meal? A soft blanket? Crawling into a nice warm bath or just lounging on the couch with your favorite people?

Comfort is such a universal feeling and, I would say, need. When our worlds get crazy, we tend to crave what makes us feel better.

Lately, with our days in such flux, comfort is something that seems to be a daily necessity. So, I’m making more of an effort to create a comforting space in my home.

The kiddos are remote learning so school projects and tests seem to be more stressful for them. Or perhaps it’s just that I am seeing their school stress first-hand versus when they are in school and away from me. Sometimes, they cry or yell in frustration. Sometimes, they act out or snap at each other. Whatever the reaction to their world of stress, I try my best to be a calming anchor for what they need. Talking helps. The other day, I even suggested screaming into a pillow. It helped, so sometimes they just need to release their pent up frustrations. I mean, don’t we all? ;0)

What took me a bit to realize is the toll that remote learning, or any change in their daily structure, has had on them. They feel stress too. They feel overwhelmed, anxious and unsure of things just like we do. In fact, they may feel the impact of stress even more than adults. It’s why I want to offer a comforting place for them.


“Comfort is such a universal feeling and, I would say, need. When our worlds get crazy, we tend to crave what makes us feel better”


It could be giving them a few minutes longer on their devices or having them go outside to get some fresh air. Or, it could be a sweet treat or a favorite meal.

There is something about the feeling of being taken care of, whether you do it for yourself, or someone does it for you. I think that is why face masks are so popular these days - LOL!

A deliciously warm, filling meal can be so satisfying and you know how much I love to cook so, it’s an easy solution. What is the family favorite?

Mac and cheese, please! Followed by cozy cuddles on the couch makes for a perfect evening to recharge our batteries.

It has taken me a few years to get the recipe right for my version of homemade Mac and Cheese. Hopefully you agree that it is cheesy, hearty deliciousness on a plate. We tend to have a simple salad with this dish. It’s so filling that a lighter side dish is needed.



The recipe and steps are below, if you want to give it a try. I promise - it is delicious :0)

Wishing you stress-less, comfort-filled days.

Until next time - xo,


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